I love how there is like no ship wars in the Hunger Games fandom. It is basically just creepy fangirling at its best.

I.e. Pablo, Peeta’s fake leg which is missing, non stop talk about Josh’s jaw, Jennifer Lawrence and the amount of people that would go lesbian for her.

Like, this is about it.

Okay, I’m sorry, but how can you claim that a ship is your “one and only otp” and then as soon as they break up, you lose hope and stop shipping them.  Like, I have otps that never even existed, and I still ship them, but like, how can you say you’re so committed and then stop shipping them?

I’m sorry.  It’s just really annoying.





So I’m rereading HG for the billionth time:

Am I the only one who is very hesitant when it comes to reading Mockingjay?  I don’t know.  It’s like I have to be emotionally prepared to watch Peeniss struggles and Finnick’s death and all that jazz, and even though I can completely accept and appreciate the ending, it’s still painful to not get closure.

I wonder what I’m going to name my kids:

at some point, it’ll be like a Peeta/Finnick/Katniss kind of deal, then it’ll be HP related;  but like, I change my URL every 5 minutes!  I feel bad for my child— one day he’ll be James, the next he’ll be Haymitch.  One day she’ll be Luna, and the next, Effie. 

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