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If you’re in the Hunger Games, Degrassi, Harry Potter, One Direction, Panic! at the Disco,  Glee, and Avengers fandom, please message me so I can give you a kiss because you’re a perfect human being.


Chandler dancing on The Hunger Chandler Games



the most pointless scene ever added in a movie, but still so cute :3

Like if you post Hunger Games and follow back.
Only strictly HG or no deal.

Inner Katniss


“If I could get the audience to sympathize with Cato, for just one second, at the end of that movie, I had done what I had wanted to do.”

-Alexander Ludwig


hilarious Seth Meyers is my queen.

So Jhutch is in Kicking and Screaming….

And Will Ferrel says, “I think we could catch fire.”


I wonder what I’m going to name my kids:

at some point, it’ll be like a Peeta/Finnick/Katniss kind of deal, then it’ll be HP related;  but like, I change my URL every 5 minutes!  I feel bad for my child— one day he’ll be James, the next he’ll be Haymitch.  One day she’ll be Luna, and the next, Effie. 

I drift off only to be roused by nightmares that have increased in number and intensity. Peeta, who spends much of the night roaming the train, hears me screaming as I struggle to break out of the haze of drugs that merely prolong the horrible dreams. He manages to wake me and calm me down. Then he climbs into bed to hold me until I fall back to sleep. After that, I refuse the pills. But every night I let him into my bed. We manage the darkness as we did in the arena, wrapped in each other’s arms, guarding against dangers that can descend at any moment.
Katniss Everdeen (about sleep since the Games)
For Catching Fire, this will be Josh Hutcherson:

"Yes, so I’m probably most excited for the beach scene, and the rooftop garden scene.  Really shows the character progression they’ve made since the end of book 1."