I personally cannot wait until the ugly, too-much-photoshopped Catching Fire stills to show up in my tags.

It’s almost as good as the plain stills that everyone posts.


Josh Hutcherson (9/100)


Chandler dancing on The Hunger Chandler Games



Josh Hutcherson—Leaving the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles (04/19/12)

Two young people, holding their hands up, saying: “I’m proud I come from District Twelve. We will not be overlooked.” 

I love how there is like no ship wars in the Hunger Games fandom. It is basically just creepy fangirling at its best.

I.e. Pablo, Peeta’s fake leg which is missing, non stop talk about Josh’s jaw, Jennifer Lawrence and the amount of people that would go lesbian for her.

Like, this is about it.


-Catching Fire officially has a director, have you met him yet?

-Do you have any idea when you’re excited to start shooting?

Inner Katniss


“If I could get the audience to sympathize with Cato, for just one second, at the end of that movie, I had done what I had wanted to do.”

-Alexander Ludwig

Josh Hutcherson

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